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About Christina Iversen Studio

Nature's Healing Element

“I read about the term ocean therapy, I remember. I've taken that to heart and it's kind of become my thing. The thing about taking half an hour out to jump in the cold water. It is the wildest luxury. It can also just be a walk by the water in the middle of the morning. Alone to feel the sand and stones under one's feet. It is a groundedness in a completely different way.”

How the Sea Becomes My Breathing Hole

"To me, the cup symbolizes slowing down and enjoying small but meaningful moments in everyday life. It's important to appreciate and take time for self-care."

Nature inspiration and Handicraft

Sea therapy and sustainable well-being. Christina Iversen Studio is a lifestyle magazine with a love for nature and the sea in particular. A universe where aesthetics meets craftsmanship.

To Slow Down and Appreciate Small Moments

"For me, the cup came in because I think you should sit down and enjoy a good cup of coffee. We have to get better at slowing down and taking care of ourselves in everyday life, and usually very small things can make a huge difference."


Christina Iversen

Sustainable well-being in the form of Danish production and products created with peace and enjoyment in mind - now and for a long time. Christina Iversen Studio was founded by Christina Iversen in 2020. It is a creative universe with a focus on sea therapy and sustainable well-being. In collaboration with artist and ceramist Dorte Kristoffersen, Christina Iversen Studio designs and produces ceramics with inspiration from the sea, and all products are produced in Denmark. You can follow along on the journey and explore Christina Iversen Studio on Instagram under the name @christina_iversen_studio


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