Experience the power of inspiration at Christina Iversen Studio. Our carefully selected images are portals to creativity, offering a world of colors, shapes and expressions. Let yourself be inspired and bring your ideas to life.

Artistic Uncovering

Enjoy the tranquility of the sea in our maritime-inspired table setting. From sparkling glass to elegant tablecloths, every detail reflects the beauty of the sea and creates an atmosphere of sophisticated tranquility. A perfect balance between nature and luxury.

Simple Elegance - Breakfast with Style"

Start the day in style with our minimalist designed breakfast table. The clean, simple tablecloth creates a calm background, while the finely selected elements add a touch of elegance. This cover is a tribute to the beauty of simplicity, inviting a moment of calm in a busy everyday life.

Coziness and Harmony - Knitting and Coffee

This simple but powerful combination invites calm and reflection, perfect for a relaxing moment. Let yourself be embraced by the comfort of a soft knit and enjoy the soothing effect of a hot coffee.

Organized Beauty - Elegant Bathroom Products

Renew your bathroom with our stylish storage solutions. Our carefully selected range of fine soaps and bathroom essentials combine practical storage with aesthetic appeal. This arrangement not only offers order, but also a visual invitation to calm and cleanliness.

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Sea therapy

"We live in an existence where everything goes fast, so we need breathing holes. It's the beach for me – a breather. It gives me the wildest rush to jump...


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